North Carolina Mom Revives Home Birthing Options for Pregnant Mothers Fayetteville, NC

North Carolina Mom Revives Home Birthing Options for Pregnant Mothers Fayetteville, NC — There is no more precious time in a woman’s life than the expected arrival of her little bundle, whether pink or blue. It doesn’t matter, just to see that little face for the first time is momentous. In 2020, at the height of the COVID lockdowns, Genevieve Hyman was looking forward to the birth of her child, but unfortunately, because of the restrictions of the pandemic, her perfect birthing plan went up in smoke. The ever-agile inventor pivoted to create a one-of-a-kind birthing kit, complete with everything a new mom and baby will need for a private home birth. “I knew if I had to do it then, so did other moms. So, to keep mommies in their house safe, I started packaging the kits so that everything they need was at their doorstep.” says Hyman. The Fayetteville native is reviving the home birth movement with her kits, and they are right in step with the current wave of pregnant women opting for the safety and security of their home. According to a recent Daily News report, “More women have been opting for home birth as hospitals postponed or moved most of their healthcare online due to the pandemic, barring partners, canceling antenatal classes, and often leaving women to deliver and recover alone. And many women chose home delivery because they were worried about being exposed to the virus at hospitals.” Seeing this troubling turn of events, Hyman stepped in the gap to help struggling moms. This kit contains everything that the expectant mom needs for the delivery of her new little one, such as mesh panty-stretch brief, latex gloves, lubricant jelly, diapers, infant hat, and a commemorative birth certificate to celebrate the newborn and many more items. These kits are sure to please. Cafini expressed her satisfaction in her review, “Arrived quickly, and at a very reasonable price. I’ve already made a second purchase from this shop.”